Sprachwoche England

The journey to England was a great experience for the class 6b. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I spent a fabulous time with my classmates, which I genuinely enjoyed.
Excursions to Bath, Stratford upon Avon and Blenheim Palace made every day an exciting day!
Our mornings we spent in school and had the great opportunity to be taught by native speakers. Additionally, we were truly able to bond with our host families, who welcomed us with arms wide open. So we were able to ignore the cold and partly rainy weather in England. Quite the opposite, being part of the typical English climate was an unforgettable experience as well!
What an amazing week!
Carla Kaltenböck, 6B

This year we traveled to Oxford, which is an amazing city and also famous for being a major filming location for “Harry Potter”. In the framework of our program we had several trips to different tourist attractions such as Bath, Stratford and Blenheim Palace. Apart from the very entertaining excursions we also attended a school daily, where we even received a certificate for taking the course. Not only was the trip edifying in terms of English, but we were also given a great responsibility since we were allowed to roam the streets when we were free.

Summarizing, I feel I speak on everyone’s behalf, the trip left incredible impressions, while spending a pleasant time with the classmates.
Maxim Malakjan (6B)