Language trip to Malta

From the 22nd -29th of April the 6c had the chance to experience a whole week in Malta. During these days we were surprised by the wide range of culture and tourism. Luckily for us, Mrs. Muik and Mr. Grigoriadis chose Malta as our destination, therefore we got to enjoy bright sun and brilliant weather throughout our stay.

The tour of Valletta, for example, was one of the most unforgettable moments, because we had the opportunity to admire the architecture of Malta and the beauty of the harbour, which was even more impressive under the light of the setting sun. Josette, our exclusive tourguide, accompanied us throughout the whole visit and informed us about the history of the city. But watch out: “SAVE YOUR LIFE!” 

We even got to experience some of Malta’s unique landscapes up close at the blue grotto, which impressed us with its beautiful stone formation and sky blue water. After our successful boat trip we visited a small fishing village called Marschaxlox. Luckily for us there was a market on the waterfront with fresh fish, Maltese souvenirs and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

To further understand the Maltese history we got a tour of the three cities and Malta´s ancient capital Mdina, which served as a futher insight to the island´s architecture. Small roads, colourful balkonies and old fortifications were a huge part of the small country’s infrastructure.

After days of experiencing the landscape and culture of this particular island, we finally enjoyed a long boat trip, which offered us a spectacular view of the various harbors, before we then, on Saturday 29th , had to leave Malta.


It was an amazing experience!



Please watch our short impression video of the island of Malta.