kids for kids

School growing consciousness
"T- Shirts designed by School Kids in Vienna for School Kids in Lagos"
 The Textile- and Technical Design -Team Mag. Iva Eberharter & Mag. Lukas Walcher, teaching at Gymnasium Bg8 Vienna, is launching a custom designed aid project . 140 bio-cotton T-Shirts get personalized by a special printing technique by the pupils of the 1st and 2nd secondary grades. These so-designed items (decorated with abstract illustrations) will be donated through the Sunshine Kids Project, (with Head of the Project the Nigeria fashion designer Ayo van Elmar, based in Vienna/ to School Kids in Lagos, Nigeria for Christmas 2013. A documentation of the creative process in Vienna as well as the donation of the pieces in Nigeria will be available later on the Sunshine Kids Website and BG8-Website.

 KIDS FOR KIDS project extends the school boundaries beyond education into the realm of social consciousness and awareness, intermingled with imagination and creativity, and in addition acts as a bridge between school theory and real life praxis. Designing and joining aid projects, helps our children in their personal developement and intellectual growth. It gives them the value of joint responsibility by sharing and and creating something palpable for others.
 We beleive that aid-programms carried by earnest matters, can also be mediated in a playful way and we hope to inspire as many people, both pupils and institutional ones as possible, for them to get involved so as to make such charity endeavors grow.
 This Project under the Patronage of Piaristengymnasium opens a window into the local school community, bringing together school kids based in Vienna and involving them internationally on a global scale -
 "live locally act globally."
Text: Mag. Iva Eberharter und Mag. Lukas Walcher